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At a-way we like to meet people with the same enthusiasm and interest to technology and development. We are always looking for new talented consultants.

As a consultant at a-way you are a problem solver who is constantly looking for new challenges. You are eager to develop and finding the answers to tomorrow’s questions together with us and our customers. You have some form of degree in engineering and you are always determined to deliver excellent quality. We are looking for someone who is sociable, feel comfortable in new surroundings and like to serve as a key person.

We have collective agreements with Swedish Technology and Design(STD).

Are you one of us? In that case contact our HR Manager Katarina or send us a spontaneous application.

The core of a-way is our employees; therefore job satisfaction and job safety are of high priority for us. We are offering good benefits;

• Collective agreement
• Occupational pension
• Possibility of a salary exchange
• Group insurance
• Health care contribution
• Health care insurance financed through gross salary deductions
• Additional allowance for parental leave
• Company Cell Phone
• Company car

a-way is facing a thrilling future with interesting projects for experienced consultants ready to find tomorrow’s solutions. We are growing along with the progress of our consultants; accordingly self-development is a vital part of our business. We always strive to find challenging assignments for our consultants.

We are always looking for new consultants sharing our commitment for technology. To make sure that we find the industry’s best consultants we have a profound recruitment process. We process all applications we receive, so no person goes unnoticed.

Recruitment process


Advertising for available jobs are announced through our website, but can also be seen on Facebook and LinkedIn.  No matter how you apply, we can assure you that we read all applications and follow up with feedback.


Feedback is usually done through an email or a phone call, no matter if we think you should proceed for a following meeting or not. Most probably we would like to know more about you, to get a good overall picture. In an early stage we will also assure us of your availability and salary expectation, to remove potential obstacles for a continued process.


After the initial feedback, you are welcome to our office for a meeting. We don’t really like the world interview, this is simply an occasion to get to know you– therefore we call you for a meeting.

We tell you more about a-way, what we believe in and what we stand for. We would also like to hear more about your background and what is your driving force. Besides going through your CV, we would like to discuss the profession as a consultant, listen to your experiences and observations. Likewise, we would like to know more about your ambitions and thoughts of your future career.

We look into the existing projects and see if there is anything that matches your profile. Finally, we discuss employment agreements, wage proposal and your list of references. According to our policy we contact 2-3 references. Your potential boss will also participate in the meeting.  We will make sure you get a complete view of a-way.

If we already have a certain project for you we might take the opportunity to do an interview together with the customer. In this case, you will be notified in advance. We are there to provide you with support before, during and after the interview.

After our meeting, we keep in touch and inform you how the process proceeds.

After the meeting

We will give you a call within a week to inform you of how the meeting went. We will also tell you how we perceived you and we are certainly very interested of how you perceived us.  Regardless if you are interested to continue we think that the feedback is a vital part, and a tool for our development.  Are we both satisfied, we schedule a second meeting and look forward to evolving a future together.

If you get another job or of just not want to proceed in the recruitment process, we are grateful if you let us know.

a-way are looking for you as an entrepreneur with a smaller consultancy who wants to be engaged in new interesting and challenging projects with us. Together we complement each other and reach for new heights.

A cooperation that has a lot of benefits. For example, you have access to frame customers, which enables more exciting projects. We can also assist you with sales and give you tips for a more balanced occupancy. Not the least you become a part of our team and our communion. With the support from us you can focus on your business development.

Together we’ll find a-way!

Are you one of us?

In that case contact our HR Manager Katarina or send us a spontaneous application.

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