There is
always a-way.



Within Manufacturing Engineering, we work with product and process preparation. This means that we ensure that our customers’ products are of the highest class and that their processes are the most effective on the market.

Our employees have a broad knowledge of manufacturing and we work within the automotive industry, ship industry and battery development to name a few.

We have cutting-edge expertise in project management, advanced robot and line simulation and weld engineering where our employees have experience of several big projects.



a-way Consulting AB offers our customers within the area of product development the following services: Mechanical Design, CAx Simulation and Calculation, Optimization, connected Car & User Experience (infotainment) and Project Management. Our consultants are specialists who have the will and expertise to develop our customers ‘ products with affordable and sustainable solutions. Our experience is taken from a variety of industries, (e.g. vehicles, aerospace, marine and defense)

With our main focus to work with or introduce new technology within these industries, we can with the help of our consultants always be at the forefront of technology development.



a-way Consulting aims to offer its customers consulting services within SW development in the area of SW and functions, primarily in the areas of propulsion and AD/ADAS. Within these areas we offer competencies in functional safety, diagnosis, testing, functional development, project management and building environment. We offer both consultants or the entire Agile team to our customers. In the area of project management and Agile team we work primarily with Scrum methodology but also have experiences from other methods for SW development in automotive.