There is
always a-way.

Manufacturing Engineering


Within Manufacturing Engineering, we work with product- and process engineering, meaning that we ensure that our customers products are of the highest standard and that their processes are the most effective on the market. We are in the forefront in terms of working with both smart factories and smart production processes.

Our employees have a broad knowledge of manufacturing engineering, and we work within automotive and shipbuilding industry as well as battery development, to name a few.

We have cutting-edge expertise in project management, advanced robot and line simulation, development of entire production lines, control- and welding engineering and manage large projects.

Research and Development


We work with Mechanical Design, CAx Simulation and Calculation, Optimization, Battery Development and Project Management.
Our consultants are specialists who possess the will and competence to develop our customers products with cost-effective and sustainable solutions. We have experience from several different industries such as Automotive, Aviation, Marine and Defense.

Our focus is to always be at the forefront of technology development.

Heavy industry


In this area we work with customers in both defense and other heavy industry. We supply competent personnel both on the engineering side as well as senior manufacturing personnel.

Welding engineers, project managers, non-destructive testing, geometry, electrical and mechanical engineering, as well as experienced welders, sheet metal workers and pipe fitters are examples of areas in which our staff can be found.



a-way is established in China and runs a Joint Venture company with focus on manufacturing production equipment locally in China and we are also working with smart factories and smart production processes. In collaboration with Swedish and Chinese universities, we also conduct development projects.