The Energy attribute leader shall:

• Lead Attribute work within Aerodynamics, Thermodynamics, Contamination and Fuel Economy for specified projects.

• Communicate targets and request agreements from PSS areas

• Continuously follow up and collect design status for each design area

• Continuously summarize attribute status and report within the team and to the project.

• Help PSS areas to find potentials to improve the Energy Balance performance.

• Support design areas with guidance of design proposals, development of specifications, concept selections, supplier evaluations.

• Report status to Unit Project Leader (UPL) for respective project.

• Report Energy status at Project meetings, Design reviews and Attribute performance reviews.

• Support in planning of scheduled tests for Aero, Thermo, Contamination and Fuel Economy.

• Support preparation of test vehicles required for the verification of the attribute performance.

• Support execution of planned physical tests.

• Summarize, evaluate and analyze test results.

• Communicate test results to Unit Project Leader (UPL) and Project.

• Report status at Unit Project meetings, Project meetings, Design Verification Reviews and Attribute reviews.


• Master of Science (M.Sc) within electrical engineering or similar experience from assignments within the working life.

• Detailed knowledge in automotive design

• Experience from analysis of Aero, Thermo, Contamination and Fuel Economy within the automotive industry.

• Experience from theoretical virtual and physical test execution of Aero, Thermo, Contamination and Fuel Economy in vehicles.

• Knowledge of requirement setting for Energy areas mentioned above.

• Ability to act on non-physical input only, such as calculations and CAE results.

• Ability to interpret, understand and act on test data.

• Preferable experience from working within VCC organization.

• Experience from working in Team Center.

• Experience from working within System Weaver.

• Fluent in English both written and spoken. Knowledge in Swedish is favorable.

• Good understanding of customer needs.

Software and IT:

• You are a skilled user in Microsoft Office

• You are familiar with Team Center Viewer

• You are familiar with System Weaver

Personal attributes

• Easy to cooperate with team members of different cultural background.

• Ability to define tasks needed to solve the requested performance for the attribute.

• Ability to form teams with the correct composition to make them conduct the defined tasks.

• Ability to follow up and make sure that agreed plans are executed.

• Ability to analyze and present results.

• Thorough and eager to come to solutions with the best possible result for the attribute and the vehicle as a whole.

• You are flexible and structured, can work independently as well as in teams.

• You have a strong drive and engagement.

• You are self-going and self-learning.

• You have a genuine interest in automotive and can combine practical and theoretical knowledge.

• You are willing to help others and to ask for help when needed.

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HR Manager
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